The Mathematician

Angela Tabiri is a Research Associate and Academic Manager for the Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Ghana. She carries out research in Quantum Algebra and teaches postgraduate courses in Mathematics for Machine Learning and Linear Algebra at AIMS. The GMSP nurtures girls from senior secondary schools in Ghana to unlock their potential in the Mathematical Sciences.

What or who inspired your spark for science?

Growing up, I enjoyed solving problems in mathematics. Though I was good at math in school, I didn't see myself pursuing a career in math until my third year at university when a female math lecturer inspired me to become a mathematician.

For you, what’s most enjoyable about being a scientist?

It is being able to solve a problem and discover new solutions to the problem.

When you’re not in the lab or solving equations you…

…Use social media to tell the stories of female African mathematicians and inspire young girls on the diverse career options available after studying math.

Angela has a BA in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Ghana and a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. Her MSc is from AIMs and her PhD is from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2018, Angela founded Femafricmaths, an NGO to promote female African mathematicians. The group interviews female African mathematicians to highlight the diverse career options available in the field. Their mission is to show young people the diverse career choices available after completing a degree in math through interviews with #mathsqueens and school outreach activities. The vision is to see young girls become confident to choose a career in mathematics-related fields.

For more on Femafricmaths go to: @femafricmaths

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