UK National Diversity Awards – Rhoda Molife, Nominee, Positive Role Model Award for Gender

There’s an African proverb that says, “when sleeping women wake, they move mountains,” and Rhoda’s nomination for the prestigious National Diversity Awards – Positive Role Model for Gender, is indicative of this – an African woman committed to highlighting diversity, excellence, and the achievements of her community.

Many know Rhoda as a former Medical Oncologist in National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, and as the Team Leader & Senior Clinical Director in European Clinical Development at Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd (MSD), which is one of the top 5 global pharmaceutical companies and a previously shortlisted NDA nominee for Diverse Company of The Year. She is a Global Clinical Director on trials in kidney cancer and has authored and co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals and chapters in several textbooks.

However, to the Children Of The Dark Continent (COTDC) team, Rhoda is the

talented wordsmith maven, a champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and an ingenious creator of spaces for amplifying the stories and voices of those our society sometimes neglects. She is the Content Director here at COTDC – a global team that spotlights Africa and its cultures, languages, people, history, art, and science to all parts of the world.

When Rhoda is not working tirelessly in oncology research, or moving the needle in highlighting Africa’s ingenuity, she can also be found freelance writing and editing. She has worked with award-winning independent authors, Google Arts in collaboration with the Mayor of London’s Cultural Office, and a range of cultural and arts events.

Being the multifaceted woman she is, Rhoda can easily be seen sharing her knowledge, support, and experiences, both formally and informally with young people interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. Alongside all of this, you might find her out taking a stroll or jogging in her nearby neighbourhoods, thoughtfully touching the hearts of many near and dear to her, and travelling, all the while raising her incredible son.

Her nomination as Positive Role Model for Gender in the National Diversity Awards is truly inspiring, well deserved, and paves the way for so many other women to come. Rhoda being who she is now – a global force and changemaker, is because of the heritage of women who came before and took steps, that she could walk and create a path for others to run, for she comes as one but stands as 10,000.

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