Wyne Kirabo - Mixing Cultures Through Fashion

Wyne Kirabo is a clothing brand founded in Uganda and now based in Barcelona, Spain.

The brand was founded by Winnie Kirabo and Gerard Porto in 2015 after they met in Uganda. Winnie, who is the creative designer, first studied micro-finance at Kyambogo University, but after realising her calling, majored in fashion design, pattern making and tailoring from the University of Girona. Gerard has a degree in Education and Biology from the University of Girona. Both have strong artistic backgrounds and they combined these to create what they refer to as a ‘space based on soul, beauty and rigour.’

The brand’s mission is to ‘make the dream of mixing cultures naturally through dressing you with quality, exclusivity, soul, and values.’ Winnie creates garments of all types for women from all backgrounds and the designs are a blend of African and European styles.

“We believe there are no boundaries when we meet at the point of equilibrium.”

Wyne Kirabo has not just an entrepreneurial mission but also a social one through Wyne Kirabo Social - WKSocial. WKSocial started after Gerard created a documentary in Uganda. Through this he met a group of students and after realising their needs, started to mentor them as well as support their educational journey. This initiative grew into WKSocial where 5% of sales are used to pay tuition and provide school supplies primarily for girls in northern Uganda.

“…exclusivity, quality and values are merged through the union of cultures.”

Check out the elegant designs of Wyne Kirabo here:


Instagram: @wynekirabo

YouTube: Wyne Kirabo

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