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Top 10 African Travel Destinations and Their Attraction

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Africa is gradually becoming one of the best destinations with countries like South Africa, Kenya and Egypt, creating a new epoch in tourism. So if you are looking for the perfect holiday getaway destination, Africa is the ideal place. The different countries pride themselves with marvellous and breathtaking sceneries. Here are some of the must-visit countries and their remarkable attraction.

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania - With incredible beaches and fascinating history, Zanzibar is the perfect location for those who wanted to spend vacation breathing the sea breeze. Zanzibar is situated along the Indian Ocean, which primarily made it a trading center on its history. Apart from spices, the place is also notable for its role as a slave-trading marker. Zanzibar is also known for Stone Town, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most popular islands. It boasts narrow alleyways, traditional houses, many mosques, and the Sultan's place- all show a significant Arab influence.

9. Virunga Mountains, Virunga Range - Gorillas are one of the incredible wildlife species that are gradually becoming rare. Seeing one is an immense pleasure. Virunga range is home to about 300 gorillas.

8. Marrakech, Morocco - Though this city might be considered significant and noisy; it has a great story to tell. The city has a rich and enchanting history and is regarded as one of the culturally rich places in Morocco.

7. Omo River Region, Ethiopia - If your idea of a perfect holiday is an unparalleled cultural adventure, then Omo river region is the exact place you must visit. Over 50 tribes inhabit this place. You will surely get a new perspective after seeing their diverse culture.

6. Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro - Mount Kilimanjaro is the perfect location for adventure enthusiasts. It's the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. It stands tall at 19,340 feet.

5. Masai Sara, Kenya - If you love wildlife, Masai Sara is the perfect place to go. From July-October, the area offers an unparalleled wildlife spectacle. During this season, you can see an annual migration of millions of wildebeest.

4. Djenne, Mali – One of the oldest cities in Africa, Djenne was a traders' natural hub. It is also a center of Islamic learning and is known for its Grand Mosque found on the market square.

3. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - The powerful and roaring Victoria Falls is second to none. Victoria Falls lies between Zimbabwe and Zambia in Southern Africa. If measured, the falls are over 1.7 km wide and 108 m high. The view is breathtaking, especially during the rainy season when the falls plummet over five hundred million litres over the edge. This produces an enormous amount of water spray that shoots 1000 feet to the sky.

2. Egypt's Pyramid of Giza - The pyramids of Giza are one of the most remarkable architectural feats ever made by man. They are also the oldest Egyptian attractions and the last surviving attraction in the Seven Wonders of the World. Pyramids of Giza consists of 3 main pyramids: The Pyramid of Menkaura, Kafhre, and Khufu or Cheof.

1. South Africa's Cape Town - Any tourist who travels to South Africa couldn't miss this marvellous city of Cape Town. It is home to numerous gorgeous beaches and the striking table mountain. It is also home to world-class restaurants and mouthwatering delicacies and wines. Moreover, the city is known for its social tolerance and cultural diversity.

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