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Sindi Luvuno Presents: The Love Jane Collection

Sindi Luvuno is the woman behind the leisure wear brand for both men and women, Love Jane Collection.

She’s actually quite new to the game - Love Jane Collection was founded in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, in July 2020, even though it was something she had wanted to do long before. Her first showing was in December 2020 in Johannesburg, during a brief window of freedom from lockdowns. Though she was not able to capitalise on that launch, she kept working behind the scenes and her hard work has now paid off pretty big.

On Saturday 30 October 2021, Sindi showcased at the renowned Africa Fashion International (AFI) Fashion Week, South Africa’s premier fashion show hosted by the House of Nala in the Leonardo Hotel, Sandton. So how did that happen for someone just starting out?

‘In April this year I got a call from AFI that they wanted me to be part of the show. I was so confused because I’d completely forgotten that I’d applied. Even though I wasn’t even ready, with no social media account or anything, I said yes, of course! Then, I really had to get to work because my first collection had only 4 pieces and I would need much more than that for AFI.”

Indaba Yothando Collection

Sindi certainly got to work as at AFI she launched the collection she calls Indaba Yothando - A Story of Love. Earlier in the year, she had put together some clips of pieces from the collection with Sjava’s song ‘Maduze’ (which translates to soon, soon) laid over the videos. ‘I’d heard the song and really it brought the collection to life for me. Indaba Yothando is about long distance lovers being reunited after persevering through these recent difficult times. Many relationships were challenged during the pandemic and the range was created to reignite the passion between lovers.’ It turned out that Sjava and the audience loved the connection too.

So who is Sindi and what’s been her journey to AFI? Well, she was born in Mlazi and grew up around creatives. Her grandfather was a tailor, her grandmother made soft-furnishings and her mother always wore handmade clothes.

‘I grew up surrounded by fabric and now I just look at a piece of material and know what to do with it. I’m not the greatest artist so my drawings are very simple but I’m fortunate to work with a team that sews well and that can interpret my ideas… and my basic drawings!”

She studied marketing with a major in logistics in Jo’burg and did just one year of dressmaking. “I knew my passion was in the creative process so that’s what I focussed on.”

She loves working with satin, silk and chiffon. ‘These are breathable fabrics that are easy to manipulate and that flow. My pieces are about elevated comfort and effortless elegance and these materials allow my clients to feel all that… to feel luxurious.”

Although Love Jane started out as a leisurewear and kaftan brand for women, it now caters for men as well. “The men in my life asked me “What about us?!” So I got to work and created for them too!” I asked Sindi who she has in mind when she creates her pieces. ‘Well I cater for the plus-size, curvy woman and the daring man who likes print and style.”

What’s next for Sindi? “I still also work full time in import with the Foschini Group (a leading clothing retail company in South Africa) and would love to be a buyer. And of course, I want to grow Love Jane.”

The Indaba Yothando Collection will be available from 1 November 2021 at House of Nala, a marketplace for African luxury brands, 3rd Floor, Leonardo Hotel, Sandton

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