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African Food - Mahaberawi

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Photo by Rey Lopez

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Country: Ethiopia

The Mahaberawi, also known as the mixed platter, is an assortment of non-fasting foods. Depending on the restaurant, this can include a combination of meat and vegetable dishes, all scooped onto a communal injera. Which meat dishes are chosen, however, is at the discretion of each restaurant. The Mahaberawi usually features key wat (spicy beef stew) and alicha wot (mild beef stew flavoured with turmeric). Sometimes, tibs, the counterpart to long-simmering wats, are included. Tibs, usually beef or lamb, are pieces of meat fried with berbere and peppers. The platter can also include yebeg wat (a thick, rich lamb stew), or raw fare such as dullet or gored gored, cubed raw beef.

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